Quite simply, we make films of properties and places which are the next best thing to being there. Real full motion, broadcast quality videos delivered directly to your website, with no third party content.

Our films bring properties to life in a way that engages the viewer and gives them the confidence to do business with you. Visitors to your site can see every room, the pool and the the location, all crafted into one short, compelling, professionally edited film. Your choice of background music adds ambiance whilst captions and an optional professional voice over strengthens the message.

You can convey a greater sense of anticipation, fun and excitement in a few seconds of video than could ever be achieved with traditional pictures or even virtual tours. Background music and captions come as standard and many clients opt for the optional, professional voice over to reinforce their sales message.

Why Choose View by Video?

  • We are Florida’s longest running, dedicated property video company.
  • We offer unrivaled experience, industry knowledge and customer service.
  • We are a one-stop shop and take care of the entire process for you.


Our films are hosted on dedicated streaming media servers for optimum quality and can be viewed 24/7 around the world. We use the latest multi-bit rate streaming which automatically adjusts the viewers connection speed. This means that our films can be accessed via any broadband connection, with absolutely no third party content. Our videos are compatible with nearly all existing websites and do not use any of your allocated bandwidth.

Most importantly our videos are so affordable that the cost can be covered by the first extra booking generated.

Online marketing experts agree that the next technology set to change the way vacation decisions are made is the use of streaming video, otherwise known as Web TV. Companies such as Thomson Holidays, Marriot Hotels and timeshare giants RCI are already using video to great effect. But it’s not just for the big boys.

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