We are frequently asked about how we shoot our professional video tours and photo shoots, as well as pricing and various other technical aspects of our services. Below, we have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have a question that we have not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

View by Video is the only company in this field who produces video exclusively and delivers it through dedicated streaming media servers. Unlike some other companies, video production isn’t a ‘bolt-on’ service which is offered alongside existing products and services. We have professional videographers and presenters, some with backgrounds in TV news including the BBC and NBC. Take a look at some of our corporate films and you will see what we mean.
This is because unlike some other companies, we host all of our videos on dedicated streaming media servers that offer multi-bitrate streaming. Not only does this provide the best platform on which to display video content but it also provides our clients with the highest level of security from video hacking & illegal download. We are aware that with less secure systems your video content could be downloaded, changed and re-uploaded anywhere on the internet without you knowing about it. With our streaming servers, this isn’t possible, mainly due to our bespoke remote linking technology. At View by Video, your video and its content is as safe as possible.
Absolutely. Whether it’s your new games room, the latest attraction or the new restaurant in your neighborhood, it makes perfect sense to include these in your video as time goes by. Partial reshoots including editing are charged at the special rate of $99 to all existing clients.
Of course this varies according to the property and community footage to be filmed, but in the case of a Florida vacation villa we are usually on location for between 2 and 4 hours and aim to have a preview back to our clients within 48 hours. The preview stage is the point at which approval is given for the video to be rendered and any final changes made. Where a professional voice over is requested we first provide you with a suggested script. The script is designed to fit the running time of your approved video, but we welcome suggestions about the wording and you can include mention of features, such as WiFi broadband, which may not be immediately apparent from the film. Professional voice-overs can take up to 48hrs to produce, from sending the approved script to our recording studio to receiving back the audio file ready to edit into your film. We also rely on you to approve or amend your draft script as promptly and as accurately as possible to ensure a fast turnaround.
Yes you can. We use the latest Flash Video technology, which is the only online media platform viewable by 98% of all internet users. It allows you to embed the video directly into your website, keeping your viewers on your site at all times with no exposure to any 3rd party content. Cheaper solutions employ branded players or links to films that open in new windows, creating a clutter of windows on the viewer’s desktop. We feel this provides a poorer viewing experience and your potential clients may lose interest. That’s why we provide you with a Flash video player with no branding to put into your website. We even take care of all the nitty-gritty, leaving you with just one string of code to embed into the HTML of your website, like a YouTube video! If you’re unsure how to embed this into your site, we will do it for you completely free of charge!